Watch The Lab!!

Last year, four science communication aficionados- all graduates of the acclaimed Banff Science Communications Program- sat down in a dusty old conference room in downtown Vancouver, a rainy evening of course, tucked away on some lost floor of an old library, to catch up on lost time and create. In just a few hours, the team created The Lab. All graduates of some sort of undergraduate and post graduate Science degree- the team recounted stories of their time in the lab, the hierarchy that exists between undergraduates/graduate students/post docs/ research associates/ principal investigators etc. and the hilarious banter and scenarios that arise when the hierarchy of the lab converges.

All these stories got storyboarded, writing/directing/producing tasks were assigned and now, one year later, we can view the results of that dusty library meeting in 6 episodes of the newly released YouTube web series The Lab.

Please enjoy and divulge in the dynamics of perfectly awkward science that unfolds in The Lab- a web series I am proud to have co-created and co-wrote.